Hardwood Staircases: Restoring Style and Quality

There have always been artisans capable of crafting a stunning wooden staircase. Many of the world’s most iconic mansions were built around these magnificent staircases. For a brief moment in history, the capacity to transform ordinary wood into something truly extraordinary began to fade.

More and more homes began to be built with carpeted stairs as automation made it quicker and cheaper to create basic lumber, and carpeting grew more prevalent, rendering the ornamental hardwood staircase nearly obsolete.

Even higher-end homes began to be built with carpeted staircases, and the necessity for artisans began to dwindle. Cost began to take precedence over quality, and the savings were passed on to the homeowner.

However, as house restoration and remodelling has become more popular as a pastime and a source of income, there has been a resurgence of interest in hardwood floors and stairs. Many a house designer has removed old, faded carpet to reveal magnificent wood flooring beneath. These discoveries have sparked a trend of having elegant wooden stairs repaired rather than carpeted anew.

If you’ve ever stepped into a home with a handcrafted wooden staircase, you understand how powerful it can be. Nothing shouts workmanship like a spiral staircase in the centre of the entranceway or a traditional staircase along a wall.

The endurance of wooden stairs is another advantage that nearly usually outweighs the expense. These stairwells will survive as long as the house, with minimal upkeep. As with other things, the extra expense is generally justified by the quality and longevity.

A hardwood staircase’s aesthetic value is unrivalled. A magnificent staircase is the perfect complement to a lovely home. The sensation of hardwood under your bare feet is incomparable. This implies that a hardwood staircase is not only a beautiful addition to a home, but it also improves the whole atmosphere of the space.

When constructing a home, decisions must be taken on the materials to utilise. Hardwood is always the best option since it is resilient and can be made into a beautiful hardwood staircase in the hands of someone who understands woodworking.

The cost of installing a hardwood staircase is slightly more than installing a carpeted staircase, but the value it gives to a home is practically incalculable. If you’re remodelling an old home, consider upgrading the stairs; if you’re building a new home, there’s no substitute for a well-made ornamental staircase.